Distinctive Sofas

“Distinctive” is what you need when choosing the right quality leather sofa for your home, office or study.

A truly distinctive sofa draws attention for its beautiful looks and outstanding finish. Perhaps the most distinctive of all sofas are the chesterfield range of sofas made from only the highest quality leathers, using traditional craftmanship to ensure only the best finish.

The following is a guide to what truly makes a sofa distinctive and will give yu a good guide to what to look out for whe choosing the right quality leather sofa for your needs.

By the time you have finished reading you should be as good as a professional and will know exactly what you are looking for when making th final decision for you quality leather sofa

What makes a distinctive sofa?

In a word or two – The Chesterfield Style.

There are many more styles of quality leather sofa available but chesterfield furniture, it can truly be said, in the most luxurious and distinctive to be found in any setting. Distinctive chesterfield sofas are always found where antique luxury is the theme.

Every new chesterfield goes through the antiquing process to finish the quality look. An antiqued piece of leather furniture gives the appearance of an old sofa but with the benefit of being a brand new piece. This process was pioneered in England in the UK many years ago. If a distinctive look is a requirement of your quality leather sofa, the antiqued look is probably going to be the look for you.

When it comes to luxury furniture, nothing quite has the same impact as a well crafted chesterfield.

The history of the Chesterfield sofa is a wide subject. The earliest Chesterfield sofas are pretty much completely different than the Chesterfields sofas and suites we see today. The early Chesterfield models would be raised on mahogany legs which formed part of a solid mahogany framework. Many would be upholstered in fabric as opposed to leather. Often, these Chesterfields would neglect the deep buttoning process and had a smooth finish, this simply depended on the choice of the upholsterer.

The unique range that Distinctive Chesterfields offer is extensive and all products are handmade in England using only the finest leathers and hardwood frames. Our standard range of leather Chesterfield furniture includes 3 piece suites, settees, sofas, high back chairs, footstools and much more. We also manufacture occasional furniture including rocking chairs and a variety of swivel chairs such as captain’s and admiral’s chairs. While making any bespoke Chesterfield furniture , only the most hardwearing production techniques, time served furniture-making methods and a complete knowledge of the Chesterfield furniture style will do.

All Chesterfield suites, sofas and chairs are available in whatever colour or leather style you choose. A bespoke service is also available, so if you want a leather chesterfield sofa or suite that is something out of the ordinary and completely unique you can have it. Pretty much nothing is too much.

There is a great range of styles and types of sofas and sites too.
The club chair or chesterfield chair is more synonymous with the members club or golf club, home study, or officers mess. The name club chair originaly comes from from the nineteenth century London gentlemans clubs, where the chair was, at the time, almost exclusively seen. The high quality chesterfield Wing Chair, whether buttoned or studded/tufted in a chesterfield style or plain upholstered, is an iconic symbol of English heritage and will likely be found in any stately home or manor house in the home counties of England. Chesterfield suites are found just about everywhere from Stately homes to general households and even certain pubs and general establishments.

If a distinctive syle of quality leather sofa is needed, a cheserfield is never far away.

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